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Your computer cannot be properly evaluated for problems if Spyware, Malware or Viruses are present. Often just removing those infections will cure most performace issues. We will remove them as part of the initial visit and recommend ways to prevent new infections using free or low-cost programs. We can also install and configure needed programs.

If hardware or software problems still remain, we will identify them and recommend fixes. We can also provide recommendations for optimising your system including:


. Replacement hardware (memory, wireless cards, etc.) for better performance
. New software utilities and procedures to help you maintain your own system
. Backup procedures (which may require additional hardware and/or software)



Services Provided

    • Remove All Spyware, Viruses & Malware*
    • Diagnose problems

    • Remove unnecessary programs, trialware and shortcuts
    • Install and enable all updates, software fixes and security features
    • Install FREE virus protection if needed
    • Provide quotation for fixing other problems and/or upgrades

ONLY $80*

* Some Viruses may cause damage that will require a system re-build.  That is NOT included.
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