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PC - Computer Repair:

Is your computer slow? or maybe it won't start at all? The problem could be hardware or software and often a little of both.


-Hardware repair... We run complete system diagnostics to check the health of your computer including hard drives, optical drives (CD's, DVD's), memory, video systems, power supply, motherboard and CPU. If any problems are found we can repair and/or replace any of these components usually without losing any of your data.


-Software repair... Could be a virus or maybe just too much junk installed (see below). We will also troubleshoot and repair an operating system error or malfunction (Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7), repair and compact registry, repair incomplete or improperly installed/removed software, repair Winsock errors, etc.

Special Residential Offer!

The BEST way to start.........


    • Remove All Spyware

    • Remove All Viruses

    • Diagnose problems

    • Optimize your programs

    • Provide quotation for PC repair, fixing other problems and/or optimization


ONLY $80*


Special Residential Computer Repair Offer

Virus, Malware & Spyware Protection & Removal:

Viruses are one of those "out of sight, out of mind" things. We don't take the time to make sure our systems are updated. We don't take the time to understand what needs to be done to protect ourselves...until our computers don't work anymore!


Viruses, Spyware and Rootkits are all Malware and they vary in the way they attack your machine and what the goal of the malware is. Sometimes their purpose is to track what you do on the internet so advertisers know what ads to show on your screen. Sometimes viruses are designed just to stop your system. Sometimes the goal is to steal your identity and personal information.


Everyone MUST have a quality Virus Protection program and a firewall installed on every computer. It must be configured to update automatically every day. Because no one virus protection program will catch everything, everyone should periodically scan their system using multiple scanners.


We can provide quality FREE scanners and configure them so you are covered, and procedures for keeping your data and identity safe.


Once you have a virus, we are expert at removal. Don't rely on on-line services to do this. Your computer needs to be started and run outside of Windows and off-line to thoroughly clean your computer.



Data Backup & Recovery:

How would you feel if you lost all of those pictures of your family or your financial records? It is important to backup your computer on a regular basis. Businesses know that and make it a priority and so should you. We can set this up inexpensively and have it run automatically so you don't need to worry about it. We can provide you with a step-by-step procedure so you understand how to do the backup and how to recover that file you deleted by mistake. With proper backups, it's even easier to move your data to a new computer when the time comes. Do it now!


If you didn't make a backup and your hardware/hard drive fails, we may still be able to retrieve most of your lost files. Backups are cheaper though.



Data Removal for Disposal (DOD 5220-22.M or better):

Are you ready to throw away your computer? Donate it to your church or school? Pass it on to your children? Even if you delete your personal files, bank account numbers...credit card numbers...passwords...addresses... on-line purchasing history...browsing history...etc., the information is still there! Even reformatting your hard drive won't erase that information. Your hard drive needs to be wiped clean using special programs designed for that purpose that will perform to Department of Defense standards or better.


If your computer will be used by someone else afterward, we can re-install Windows and the computer will run better than it has in years.


Wireless Networking & Security:

Wireless is the way to go with home networks. You can connect your iPhones, computers, laptops, printers, Wii boxes, TIVO, etc. No wiring infrastructure required. All your data is transferred through the air. Unfortunately, that means that people that know how, can intercept all your data. Even if someone does not want to steal your data, they can still use your internet connection to connect for free (the data equivalent of you towing your neighbors car to work everyday.) It will slow you down and you are paying the bill.


Your network needs a few different levels of security to keep un-authorized users out and secure your data. We can help you find the right Wireless Access Points and/or Routers, extra antennas (if needed) and set it up for you. And train you how to securely add new computers and other devices.



Custom Built Computers:

Computers are relatively inexpensive these days. Most computer stores have good deals on computers, laptops and bundles. However, if you have special needs or requirements that are not typically available at BestBuy or WalMart, we will build a custom computer to match your needs whether it's a CAD workstation or a premium gaming computer.


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